Is This Your Luggage?

Posted on April 23, 2009 Under Travel


Lost luggage is the worst. And it seems, no matter what trouble you go to to prevent yours from being misplaced "“ designer bags, vibrant tags, etc. "“ it doesn’t really make a difference to the airlines or that person who was convinced that they snagged the right bag. But now, maybe you can find your stuff, even if it was brought home by some random traveler. That is if the site, Is This Your Luggage kicks off a new, useful trend.

After an airport “loses” a bag, it tries to contact the owner. If they’re unsuccessful, they hang onto it for a while and then, auction it off. The owner of the site attends such auctions, purchases these bags, then snaps shots of everything in the bag in the hope they may connect the missing luggage with its rightful owner. Weird that some random stranger is touching your stuff – including your sexy nurse’s outfit – but at least you’ll be able to wear your treasured clothes once again.