I Heart Guts (for Mother's Day)

Posted on April 29, 2009 Under Art

plush-uterus.jpgWe’re big fans of I Heart Guts. The adorable LA-based family hit the perfect formula for didactic design with their plush organs. For jaded adults (and precocious kids), a soft heart (“I Got The Beat”) or a plus kidney (“When Urine Love”) is just what the doctor ordered. One of the best offbeat bits of toy news from early 2008 was when the plush uterus was recalled due to detachable ovaries that could pose a choking hazard risk. While all other organs in the I Heart Guts body of work are certified safe under US and European codes, they are bringing back the infamous adults-only uterus for Mother’s Day. It’s on sale for just $14 here. Or as the site says: “When it’s that time of the month, you may not like your uterus much, but hey, you wouldn’t be here without one, so give props to this special reproductive organ.”