Cuckoo Clock

Posted on August 30, 2007 Under Design

Materials: nails, digital clock, metal housing, chrome chain, dead bird. Yes, DEAD BIRD. The folks over at The Watchismo Times have pointed out this one-of-a-kind timepiece. Designer Michael Sans has a unique — to say the least — take on the traditional German cuckoo clock.

The off-handed humor of his rendition is undoubtedly awesome, although the creep factor takes a huge step up when you take into account that the bird has been virtually crucified — not literally, as Sans maintains the bird died of natural causes — on the chrome nails. That is, of course, once you get past the simple fact that there’s a dead bird on your wall. Unfortunately Sans’ design isn’t for sale, but I’m sure if you collaborated with the local taxidermist and watch repair shop, you could probably cobble together something of your own.