Posted on August 31, 2007 Under Design

Anothercompany is the pseudonym of Joachim Baan, a Dutch graphic designer and photographer. Judging by the quality and prominence of his work, though, I’m not sure why he’d want to do anything to confuse people. See Baan’s website is named after his company, but the work on display there is his own. Three things deserve your attention:

The first is Baan’s book of photography from his recent, wide-ranging travels called For As Long As I Can’t Remember. Amateur travel photography is good because it exposes you to places you’ve never seen before; Professional travel photography is better. Baan’s photography is professional. The second is the work Baan did for Evian, whe. he designed invitations — printed on Plexiglas — and “interior objects” for a traveling storefront that the company operated to publicize its spas. And third is the House of Bols, a museum of Genever (that’s Dutch for gin) that Baan worked on. Baan’s pictures of the museum and the museum’s website make me feel a teensy bit drunk, which I guess is the idea. (And this has nothing to do with the bottle of Early Times sitting at my left hand. Baan is just that good.)