Jamie Lidell

Posted on April 15, 2005 Under Music

After watching a movie of a Jamie Lidell performance live at The Royal Festival Hall in '04. It's no mystery that this is one crazy talented guy. I strongly encourage everyone to at least watch the first 45 seconds of…

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The Fretlight Guitar

Posted on March 24, 2005 Under Music

The Fretlight guitar is somewhat of a revolutionary way to learn to play the guitar--although I haven't gotten a chance with one I think the idea is pretty good. It's the world's first computer-powered electric teaching guitar, and is completely…

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Shynola Beck Video

Posted on March 15, 2005 Under Music

Shynola has another Beck video for the song E-Pro off his newest album Guero. It's packed full of crazy transitions, weird illustrations, and an overall fun video--not to mention a good song. (Yes that's Beck standing on a cross in…

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Posted on March 7, 2005 Under Music

Veteran video game makers Rockstar Games recently introduced a flash-enabled real time music sequencing tool called Beaterator-- and it's damn neat. The application is completely web based and free to use. You can sequence up to 8-tracks using loops from…

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Good Fortune

Posted on February 23, 2005 Under Music

It's out and it's HOT! Yesterday Airborn Audio released their first solo album sans old anti-pop member Beans. Deep futuristic beats, mind bending lyrics, so on and so forth. I'm fairly impressed it has got my head nodding so far,…

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New Beck Video

Posted on January 24, 2005 Under Music

Beck's got a video floating around called Ghettochip Malfunction [Hell Yes- 8 bit remix]. I'm told the video is from a remix EP, but his album Guero is in stores March 29th. I'm looking forward to it, rumor is it…

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Jared Hess + Postal Service

Posted on January 19, 2005 Under Music

Jared Hess, director of the successful film Napolean Dynamite has teamed up with one of my faverite bands the Postal Service on their new video: We Will Become Silhouettes. He brings the same kitschy fun and inventive feel to this…

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Legs to Make Us Longer

Posted on November 9, 2004 Under Music

I'm a sucker for someone that can play the guitar, really, really, really well. I'm even more a sucker for Kaki King, who on her new album Legs to Make Us Longer does just that. She proves how well she…

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Posted on October 30, 2004 Under Music

It was this day 2 years ago that RUN DMC DJ Jam Master Jay was mysteriously shot in a Queens recording studio. His music, spirit and memory will live on. RIP JMJ Rest In Peace JMJ

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DJ Reset: The Mash Up King

Posted on October 28, 2004 Under Music

I hope to get a chance to sit down and have a little interview with our favourite mash up guy, DJ RESET. The guy responsible for sending his Beck, Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams "Frontin" up to #2 on the iTunes…

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