Canada’s National Post

Posted on April 15, 2006 Under Press

There’s a nice cover article about me and this site in the Weekend Post today throughout Canada. Last weekend it was Canadian Radio, this week it’s a newspaper– I guess I’m really stepping up my image in the friendly-land. A warm welcome to all my new friends in Canada! Writer Karen Burshtein did a great job covering elements of my site–and work-life that haven’t been touched on much in past press. Thanks to Robert Thoren for the great photos, and all the people who had kind words to share about me in the article. Unfortunately you need to be a subscriber to view it on the National Post website– But you can try this link which seems to work for people without logging in. I’ll have a PDF created for download shortly!

Note: For some reason people, even after clarification, seem to think I worked for Nike. Although I do have friends within the Nike Campus and have been in touch with them about a variety of things, they’ve never been a client of mine. I think it was the Nike iD design contest and invitation to 255 Elizabeth that keeps throwing people off.