Listen to me on CBC Radio One

Posted on April 7, 2006 Under Press

Want to hear a quite possibly very entertaining interview with yours truly on the radio? I did an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that’s airing this Saturday on the ‘Definitely Not The Opera‘ show with radio host Sook-Yin Lee between 1 and 2pm EST. There are several ways to listen to it– if you have Sirius Satellite Radio tune into channel 137– if you’re in the frozen land of Canada check out this massive map to find out what frequency it will be broadcasted on– and of course if you’re online you can stream it through Windows Media Player or Ogg Vorbis– just select something in the ‘East’ time zone and you should be all set. If you miss it don’t worry, I’ll get a copy to share.

Update: Well, I don’t remember my repsonses being in that specific order, minus a few wrong ‘facts’ in their intro (Nike a client?), and cutting it down to only a few minutes, it turned out all right! If you missed it you can check out my 5 minutes of fame here: Listen to the MP3