Bengt Ek Design Clocks

Posted on April 24, 2007 Under Life

It seems as though we have a “time” theme going today– so who am I to break the trend? This weekend while in Seattle, I found these Bengt Ek Design Clocks while browsing through cooking store Sur La Table. From what I can surmise, these clocks are a product of Swedish design and Swiss craftsmanship– the way they look and feel in your hand backs that up. The clock on the left has super clean yet striking aesthetics, with a solid, brushed metal frame; and the clock on the right has a removable timer below the timepiece so you don’t burn your crumpets. Bengt Ek products are engineered and designed for the kitchen, so it comes as no surprise that they make an array of other kitchen-helpful gadgets— appealing and sound design is stressed throughout their entire range of products. If you’re interested in buying some Bengt Ek online, try either Sur La Table or Scandinavian Design Center. If my memory serves me, each of these clocks goes for around $60.