Vimeo Video Sharing

Posted on April 24, 2007 Under Life


You would think that, after all the success of YouTube, video-sharing sites would be evolving at a rate that left us overwhelmed with mountains of user-generated goodness. After all, that’s the way it normally works; someone strikes it big in the “novelty” stage, then little guys grow the new idea into something better, and sometimes even manage to kill off the original by virtue of their own failure to progress. In the case of YouTube, hardly any of its offshoots have managed to throw down something solid enough to really compete. However, I think we should keep our eyes on Vimeo, a young video-sharing site that only pertains to user-created videos (no porn, TV clips, etc. can be uploaded; everything has to be created entirely by the user). I love the feel of Vimeo; the design is clean, simple, and comfortable, and there’s hardly any ad pollution in comparison to other sites of its kind. Like any other user-generated site, content is varied, but what separates Vimeo (so far anyway) is its friendly vibe– sharing on this site still feels like “sharing” in it’s original, “You can play with my Lego’s if I can have some of your Snack Pack,” sense. If you’re looking for a place to start on Vimeo, go for the “Prank Wars” series, a viciously funny set of revenge pranks between two guys that work for