Visualux @ Superdeluxe

Posted on May 15, 2007 Under Music

, a “social audiovisual immersive experience,” is now approaching its June run at Tokyo club Superdeluxe, and the buzz surrounding the event continues to build for clubgoers and VJs alike who use the nights as a time to learn, play, and network. Hosted by San Francisco VJ Ben Sheppee (lightrhythmvisuals) and Shinji Murakoshi (GAVJ), Visualux combines club extravagance and intimate audiovisual artspace with informative, interactive presentations and screenings. The overall goals of the five events (spaced out over a ten month period) are to increase appreciation of club visuals by way of interaction and understanding, and to create a space for foreign VJs to learn and create as a community. By bringing audiovisual talents from around the world to Tokyo, the event’s creators hope to draw from a variety of scenes and cultures to create a collective artspace that both entertains and enlightens. I think this may be the kind of event you really have to see to understand, so if any of you make it to Visualux, please fill us in– we want to hear about your experiences first-hand.