Uglydoll Action Figures

Posted on February 18, 2009 Under Design

Uglydolls designer, David Horvath finally delivers his take on collectible blind-box toys with Uglydoll Action Figures Series 1. If you’re wondering what kind of action a 3-inch cute and blobby monster can deliver — duh, it’s waist-twist action. There are 12 characters in the series, packaged by the case. Horvath is giving back to collectors by packing one of each character in a case, so that if you buy a whole case you get the entire series. This is a novel approach to blind-packaging which often results in duplicates, trades and eBay sales. The only rare “chase” figure in the series is a red tooth version of the character — Wedgehead — which comes in a 1:4 ratio. Following their recent debut at the New York Comic Con and Toy Fair conventions, the Uglydoll Action Figures are currently making their way to toy shops around the world. As of right now, you can buy them at the official Uglydoll Shop for $8 (single figure) and $96 (case). Free shipping in the USA too!