The New Zyb

Posted on August 24, 2007 Under Life

Last year, I told you about Zyb, a free online phone data backup service that allows you to store, manage, share, and access mobile data online. About a year later, it looks as though the folks at Zyb have been continuing to innovate their service. The new version — which has been under silent launch mode for a while now, for feedback purposes — has an improved interface, and continues to morph all of your essential data services into one bundle. Fresh Zyb features include:

"¢ Users can connect to the people in their mobile phone's address book to keep in touch and share mobile content
"¢ Connected friends can keep their contact information updated in each other's phones
"¢ Users can micro-blog from their phone and broadcast the blog to people in their phone's address book
"¢ Users can upload pictures from their mobile phone and tag the pictures using the phone's address book
"¢ Users can expand their social network by searching for people with whom they have mutual friends

The bottom line is that the new version has transformed Zyb from a static, bi-directional data service into a multi-dimensional, dynamic one. I like to think of it as Facebook…for my phone.