The Graffiti Project

Posted on June 7, 2007 Under Art

It’s something you have to see to believe: four famous Brazilian graffiti artists, Nunca and Nina Pandolfo and duo Os Gemeos have been working for the past few weeks on covering the medieval Scottish Kelburn Castle with their colorful, signature styles. The photo of the project so far depicts a castle that looks like it would perfectly fit in at Disneyland as home to a new psychedelia-theme ride. The bizarre idea came from David Boyle and his sister, Alice, members of the “oldest family in Scotland to have continuously inhabited the same historic home, Kelburn Castle.” The Graffiti Project aims to bring together notions of urban and rural as well as cultural and traditional differences, but I think they may have already succeeded. Lord Glasgow, who is David and Alice’s father, has been a good sport throughout, even declaring in a humorous message posted on the site, “When my son, David, and daughter, Alice, came to tell me they had secured the services of some Brazilian artists to paint graffiti on the back of Kelburn Castle, I thought they had gone mad…Now, I wait with both excitement and trepidation, to see the result." We are, too.

Photo via Supertouch