Ted Stilson's Moo-dy Cows

Posted on July 16, 2008 Under Design

It’s safe to say that plenty of artists rely on their surroundings for inspiration. Hailing from a small town in the Bald Headed prairies of southern Alberta, Canada, Ted Stilson just so happens to be surrounded by things of a rural nature. Perhaps that explains the his fascination with cows. The sculptor’s latest project, Moody Bovinyls, sprung out of Ted’s desire to create his own platform toy, the need to revisit an art school curiosity, and the fact that cattle ranching is part of the world he grew up in. His half-bovine, half-demon vinyl creations have caused an admirable stir after being embraced by some of the sickest customizers in the world: PhuEK, DoktorA, and Marka 27. They’ve also been the subject of art exhibitions at both The University of Lethbridge and the Pravus Gallery in Phoenix. While Stilson’s goal with the Moody Project has always been to take the customs on the road, he’s currently working on a plan to release limited edition Moodys with designs by other artists.

via Formatmag