New Slobots

Posted on July 16, 2008 Under Design

Mike Heisler introduces three of the friendliest Slobots to date, expanding his world of functional machines turned personable friends of man. Two of the new additions, Slo-Damen and Slo-Herren, are boxier with an old school look. Their orangey-red color is well-suited for their occupations as operators of the Martian Space Port and Lunch Counter, the quaint, imaginary Red Planet establishment created for them by Heisler’s imagination. It reminds me of Rosie from The Jetsons.

The other new bot on the block is Slo-Dunny SERV02, a mechanical spy turned Venus ice cream franchisee. More like the previous Slobots, Slo-Dunny’s head totally looks like an orange with a peering eye in front and sweet looking canisters of essential gases wired to his back. The posable “ears” totally make this one.

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