Talk Shop Fridays: Your Workspace

Posted on October 12, 2007 Under Life

I — for the most part — adore working at home. I am lucky to have a big space, by New York city standards anyhow, all to myself, but I still lack a dedicated office space. My dining room does double duty as my office around eighty percent of the time, but I’m okay with that; I get a decent amount of light, I rarely feel stifled and everything I need is within reach. A life of freelancing took some getting used to, and while I found distractions (like television, noisy kids off school during the summer, the desire to bake instead of work) a bit rough at first to zone out, once I dedicated a space to work in, things were a million times easier for me, and my productivity and ability to multitask grew exponentially. I’ve included a full list of my workplace staples after the jump, but tell me this: what kind of environment do you need to work in to be the most productive you can be?

Hardware setup: BlackBerry 8700g, MacBook, wireless Mighty Mouse, Apple Keyboard (which has actually eliminated all the wrist/forearm pain I had when I was just using my laptop keyboard)

Accessories: Belkin Mousetrap, Mozi Laptop Sleeve

Productivity Tools: Behance Action Book, my glasses

Periodicals (changes daily): Domino, Blueprint, Food & Wine.

Random other stuff: Custom Slobot (Slospear!) by Mike Heisler (thanks, dude!), vintage sterling dish for my keys and Piper‘s first collar. Print on the wall is from Hero Design Studio.

I keep things pretty uncluttered — I find the same translates to my brain. Most of the time, anyhow.