Parabol Magazine

Posted on October 12, 2007 Under Design

My sources say it’s happening in Berlin, where the affordable, open-minded and -armed German city is serving hype by the bucketful to its loyal creative class fanbase. However, it is my opinion that the city, though nice enough, deserves less back-patting then the creatives calling Berlin home themselves — because it’s their blood giving the old city its new pulse. Case in point: Parabol Magazine, a newspaper format art zine, opens like a newspaper. I know that sentence doesn’t come across as a particularly brilliant pairing of words, but imagine it from a visual perspective and you’ll see what it means: People hiding behind huge pages of art in public places; an hour-long installation on a park bench or in front of a coffeshop; a better-looking decoupage project (uh, for the kids, I mean). Parabol has more to offer than it’s noteworthy size (like famous “issue curators”) so hop on over for the full rundown…then hit me back so we can plan our relocation.