Talk Shop Fridays: Win a Monster!

Posted on August 3, 2007 Under Life

A little over a week ago, JS introduced you to Ptry, one of Mimoco’s latest Mimobots. Now that we’ve got three to hand out, we need to hurry up and get rid of them (or I will rip them out of their packaging myself; vicious beasts shouldn’t be caged up like that). So for today’s TSF, we’re going to hold a little competition. The deal is, Heather moved into a new apartment (with a backyard! And a walk-in closet!) this past week, and — being that it is *slightly* roomier than her last perch — she’s got some space to fill. Okay, she basically has a bed and nothing else. However, she’s also got two sites to edit/freelance pitches to write/hearts to break, and with such a tight schedule, she needs help from some design-savvy friends. We know a lot of our readers fit that bill, so we thought this could be a great opportunity to hand out some free Mimobots, discover some new stuff, and give Heather a quasi-internets-homecoming of sorts (except she’ll have to pay for everything. Unless, of course, you’re feeling generous. BWHAHAHA).

For a chance to win one of three Ptry mimobots, leave us a comment advising Heather of three things her apartment should not be without. Everything’s fair game; feel free to recommend furniture, appliances, puggle/hamster hybrid housepets, your favorite online sources for household goods; anything goes, as long as it fits into 1000 square feet. Points go out for function, creativity, affordibility and pretty much anything else we want, so leave us a comment (include your email, please!) before Monday, and we’ll see who’s worthy of some monster-protected storage space.