Talk Shop Fridays: Let's Get Down to (Christmas) Business

Posted on December 7, 2007 Under Design

You know what’s freakin’ incredible? Sparkly lights. You know what’s even better? Getting to use them indoors without looking like a college student. Yep, decorating season is here, and unless you’re the type that pulls your holiday box out of storage the day after Thanksgiving, you’ve probably just recently put the finishing touches on your home sweet home. Or maybe not; maybe you’re the anti-decorating type, maybe sparkly lights hurt your eyes, and maybe your house smells more like hot dogs than pine trees. If that sounds like you, hey, no judgment, but we’re hoping some of our readers did get into it. Actually, we’re even hoping that some of you got extra creative this season and took advantage of things like LED lights (which look very manly compared to ordinary sparkly lights) or an ecologically friendly Christmas tree. Whether you turned your apartment into Bethlehem, hung a menorahs like chandeliers, or did something even we couldn’t think up, we want to hear about it. What was your best decorating find this season?