Talk Shop Fridays: Jaded, Anyone?

Posted on June 1, 2007 Under Life

Last night, a friend of mine excitedly passed me a business card. “Its for my new company,” he says (I lean in; start-ups, I love them, this could be good), “We make t-shirts!” (Oh no, oh no, oh no!) I say, “Oh great! I’ll check out the site, blah blah,” but what I’m really thinking is– oh, kill me now– because it seems like everywhere I turn there’s a new twenty-something with a new t-shirt company (see: two mediocre designs and an emo-sounding web address) and they all somehow all think that they’re a) SO FRESH and b) totally going to make it. I can’t take anymore. I love t-shirts, I write about how much I love them all the time, but I’ve just about had it with t-shirt craze and I think these “entrepreneurs” should seriously consider a change of focus. And yes, I realize this is a stupid thing to get all angsty about, but, hey, sometimes you’ve just got to bitch.

Yep, venting is healthy, which is why we are officially dedicating today’s Talk Shop Friday to The Things We Just Can’t Handle Anymore. Darling readers, we want to know what it is that’s been getting you down. Bad advertising? Over-priced hoodies? Too many/not enough American Idol re-runs? Anything goes: you can even say you’re jaded on ME (impossible, pumpkin — Ed.) This is an open forum and we just want to hear what you have to say about the ways in which the world is currently sucking. You probably won’t have the chance to get stuff off your chest with so much freedom for a long time after this, so come on! Get mad! Raarrr!