Talk Shop Fridays: Brag on your Buddies

Posted on November 2, 2007 Under Design

On this side of the blogosphere, we find a lot of awesome things to share by a simple method of “friend stealing.” What this means is; should a day come around in which the world seems dismal (ie, sneaker collabs suck; the day’s tees look tired; a talented designer’s site is frustratingly written in Mandarin) we head to a site we know well and click on every single link we can find. In this way, we find friends of friends; people who deserve all the love that “hype” has yet to hand them. This shows us a few things; firstly, that there is a lot of incredible stuff in this world, but secondly that real relationships might be the best way through which we can find real talent. Here’s where you come in: If you know of someone (with a webpage, please) who’s doing something great/making something great, tell us about her/him/it. If you leave us a link to their work, we’ll check it out, and do what we can to help you give your talented buddy the respect they deserve. An explanation would be excellent, but a link would be sufficient, so go ahead — tell us who to love.