Posted on November 2, 2007 Under Art

Wow. I’ve just come across a spectacular and fresh form of street art called light graffiti which uses no spray paint or paint pen. Say what? It’s invisible, in fact "” an anti-vandalism squad’s answer from a higher being "” until it’s caught on film. Armed with a camera, tripod and light sources like fire torches, glowsticks and flashlights, light graffiti artists tag colorful outlines of images and abstract drawings outdoors at night while the camera catches the trails via time-lapse. The photographic results, when developed, are electric. Lichtfaktor from Cologne, Germany is a major crew behind the movement, a group of three dudes who started the whole thing by combining their collective VJing experience with a healthy interest in street art. As pioneers of light graffiti, it also just so happens they produce some of the best works around. Drop everything (it’s Friday, so I know you’re not being productive at work anyway) and check out the stop-motion Star Trek vs Star Trek short movie they did for New Zealand’s Sky Movies channel to see the promise of this new art. Joe Schmoe can easily get in on the action, too. Just follow the How-To guide that Lichtfaktor has posted on their MySpace page. With any street art, the m.o. remains the same: don’t let the cops catch you in action.