September and October Travel

Posted on September 29, 2011 Under Life, Travel

I'm back in the USA for a few days after an incredible time in China and Japan.  I'm here for about a week before I head off again to Abu Dhabi, Oman, Japan, and then South Africa and Mozambique.  I…

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Ciruclar Pöng

Posted on September 1, 2011 Under Design

Pöng is a take on the classic game pong with a multiplayer circular twist. Fun. Developed in 48 hours by Public Class

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Let’s Meet & Work

Posted on August 29, 2011 Under Life

Let's Meet & Work is a great idea. Currently serving London and NYC. Via Swiss Miss

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Storytelling in The Internet Age

Posted on August 23, 2011 Under Art

If you like stories, go vote for this wonderful SXSW panel featuring many incredible people.  It will no doubt be a highlight of the week It's organized by Rudy Adler of 1000memories featuring Aaron Rose, Jonathan Harris (go Jonathan go!),…

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Don’t Fear The Interenet

Posted on July 31, 2011 Under Life

Amazing. I wish Don't Fear the Internet was around when I started playing on the web. Consider sending this to everyone you know. Are you a print designer, photographer, fine-artist, or general creative person? Do you have a shitty website…

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Verified Pin

Posted on July 26, 2011 Under Design

Another great one from Nalden. If you're on Twitter, you may have noticed that some accounts display a blue "Verified Badge” on their bio (mine does). It's used to establish authenticity of well known accounts so users can trust tweets…

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The Talks

Posted on July 14, 2011 Under Life

The Talks is a website featuring interviews with actors, artists, designers, musicians - people who influence culture.  Looks promising and reminds me of the SpearTalks series we used to do here back in the day.

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Cicli Maestro Custom Bicycles

Posted on June 22, 2011 Under Design

On the Cicli Maestro Milano website you can customize by color every attribute of your Italian made bike. Frame, rims, tires, spokes, saddle, handlebar, handles. Even the crankset and chain colors. All made to order in Milan and shipped to…

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Dear Photograph

Posted on June 16, 2011 Under Art

Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present. It's Dear Photograph– and it's totally beautiful.

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What About Vintage

Posted on June 13, 2011 Under Design

What About Vintage is an awesome online vintage Scandinavian furniture shop, based in Antwerp, Belgium. Great 60's furniture and lighting from no-names and names alike. Enjoy!

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