Beck: Cellphones Dead Video

Posted on October 25, 2006 Under Music

Beck's always a little bit ahead of the curve when it comes to his music videos-- one thing is for sure, he's not afraid to take a risk or two and stray from the norm. This music video for Cellphones…

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Lady Sovereign: Love Me or Hate Me

Posted on October 18, 2006 Under Music

Make way for the S-O-V! We are big fans of Lady Sovereign, and were elated to hear that her new single 'Love Me or Hate Me' surpassed Justin Timberlake and T.I. on MTV's TRL yesterday to take the number one…

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Sony Bravia: Color Like No Other

Posted on October 17, 2006 Under Life

By now we've all seen the awe-inspiring Sony Bravia commercial, Bouncy Balls, that sent 250,000 multi-coloured 'superballs' bouncing down the streets of San Francisco. The beautiful mood was set by guitarist José Gonalez-- we've come to know and love his…

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A Week of Art Works

Posted on October 16, 2006 Under Life

We at are -- like the rest of you -- addicted to YouTube, and not ashamed to admit it. This whole YouTube craze is definitely adding fun to millions of people's workdays, and probably simultaneously taking its toll on…

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Chris Milk’s Music Videos

Posted on October 2, 2006 Under Music

Chris Milk sure knows how to turn out music videos--he has directed videos for an eclectic entourage of musical groups: from Kanye West, to Modest Mouse, to Courtney Love. For Kanye West's 'Jesus Walks' video, Chris ingeniously blended religious symbolism…

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Kaza Razat: Control Arms

Posted on September 27, 2006 Under Design

Kaza Razat, senior interactive art director and overall motion graphics genius did this great video as a donation to Amnesty International and the ControlArms campaign. Uncontrolled Arms End Up On The Streets. I hate to get all political here, but…

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Stop Motion Space Invaders

Posted on July 18, 2006 Under Art

A space invaders game recreated with a little bit of stop-motion animation, a few dozen people and a lot of patience. This video is a must see for space invader afficonados and first-timers alike. Via Computerlove

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Fashioning The Future

Posted on March 6, 2006 Under Art

Remember those Mekanism Skateboards designs we saw a few weeks ago? Turns out there is actually a video from Wanted Films by London-based design duo Warren Du Preez and Nick Thorton Jones with many of the same design elements called…

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