Mimobot x Pink Meletta

Posted on January 21, 2009 Under Design

In addition to being a time for Hallmark's profits to spike, Valentine's Day is time for the lovelorn to come together and make magic. In the romantic tradition of the holiday, Meletta, a designer MIMOBOT fashioned by our friends at…

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Celebrate Inauguration Day: Buy Toys

Posted on January 20, 2009 Under Design

People are bound to have a spectrum of reactions to the Inauguration Day proceedings, so if your gut is telling you to react by buying toys, it's ok. Barack Obama's message inspired an unprecedented array of art toys in 2008…

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DC Shoes x UNKL

Posted on January 20, 2009 Under Fashion

DC Shoes have partnered with Portland-based character creators, UNKL, on a limited edition sneaker and toy set. The kicks and figure both feature a black and green color scheme with glow-in-the-dark accents. The figure in question is the SUG, one…

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Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland – "Aer OBAMA"

Posted on January 16, 2009 Under Music

We've written about the music of Daft Punk, Barack Obama action figures and Daft Punk designer toys, but I never imagined I'd have the occasion to write about all three in one post. In the latest mashup of politics and…

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Kidrobot's Kidpunk16

Posted on January 8, 2009 Under Design

Kidrobot is schooling poser-punks with a history lesson packaged as a vinyl toy. When they drop the latest incarnation (#16) of their logo/mascot today, you'll find that the sentiment screams: punk's not dead! In an inspired move, Kidrobot produced a…

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Inaugural Obama Action Figures

Posted on January 7, 2009 Under Design

We brought you word of the ART + ACTION = OBAMA '08 custom action figure event back in October. Following that successful benefit -- and indeed the success of its central character -- Jailbreak Toys will release two new Obama…

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Posted on January 2, 2009 Under Design

Creamous was created by artisan, collector and all-around Funkbuilder, Alan Leong, to fill the void in that forgotten lovechild of Fashion, Art and Design (F.A.D.). Creamous represents the "melding of quirky art infusions, retro-fitted subcultural leanings, pop surrealism and post-punk…

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Posted on December 18, 2008 Under Art

The first-ever David Choe-designed toy, Choegal, is finally available for sale at $45 a pop, but there are only 1,000 of these precious hand-painted dolls available. Besides movable appendages and mechanical parts, the all-wood Choegal features a rotating head with…

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Posted on December 17, 2008 Under Life

Pugzee used to work for the mob bosses back in the day. While in prison (or an animal shelter; whatever), he learned how his old stomping grounds of Red Hook started changing, so he broke out and took matters into…

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Gift Guide: Toys

Posted on December 8, 2008 Under Design

1. Stealth R/C Helicopter: Read JS Review | Buy It ($30) Break out your favorite pair of aviators because the Black Stealth R/C helicopter is the perfect little gadget for all you wannabe flyboys. With the ability to fly left,…

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