Pillows By EAT

Posted on November 21, 2006 Under Design

Lets face it, throw-pillows aren't really the most masculine things in the world-- but that doesn't mean they can't be. We've probably all gone through fighting a girlfriend, house-mate or significant other against putting the drab baby-blue velvet throw pillows…

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GetHuman 500 Database

Posted on November 21, 2006 Under Life

Are you tired of navigating a labyrinth of automated phone systems and the robot voices that accompany them every time you call a company for customer service reasons? Do you find yourself frantically and incessantly pressing '0' to get a…

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The Poster List

Posted on October 30, 2006 Under Art

Sick of bare walls but can't bring yourself to put up a poster of Pink Floyd or Jerry Garcia? We are too. The Poster List is a very simple site that sells independantly produced posters that are designed and printed…

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Milky Way Chandelier

Posted on October 30, 2006 Under Design

We covered Brooklyn based Alexander Reh's Fully Loaded chair back in February, a chair made with more than 450 .12 gauge shotgun shells. He checked in with us with a little insight into his new collection. He says he is…

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Porsche Toaster

Posted on October 26, 2006 Under Food

It's snowing here-- and that means it's time to clean out the fireplace and get the JavaLogs ready. Wintertime for me, for whatever reason, also means drinking plenty of tea and eating lots of toast. We'd be very happy if…

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Magnetic S + P

Posted on October 16, 2006 Under Design

I am a big fan of the culinary arts, and always try to keep an eye out for gadgets to use in my kitchen. I especially like when I find a contraption that adds something special from a design standpoint--…

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Fishy Fun

Posted on October 13, 2006 Under Design

The Fish Loft is a transparent tube for fishes to swim above water level-- pretty much the hottest thing to enter your aquatic-life since, well, the Fish Pod (pictured here on the right), which we covered back in '04. The…

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Design Public Warehouse Sale

Posted on October 12, 2006 Under Design

Our modern living pals over at Design Public are holding their first ever warehouse sale this weekend, October 14th and 15th, at the Fort Mason Center. For those two days you can find great deals up to 75% off on…

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Plusminuszero Update

Posted on October 10, 2006 Under Design

We've always been a big fan of Naoto Fukazawa's minimalist design, and his brand, in collaboration with Japanese toy maker Takara, Plusminuszero is one of our favorites. It's now in its third (gorgeous) collection-- but good luck finding these in…

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Ricochet Magazine Rack

Posted on September 26, 2006 Under Design

Last year I made a big mistake. I subscribed to no less than ten magazines thinking I'd have time to read (at least some of) them. Truth is, I've probably read 3 of some 130 issues I've received which is…

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