Urban Abstract in Amsterdam

Posted on October 3, 2008 Under Art

If you happen to be in Amsterdam in late October, you would do well to check out an exhibition of Evan Hecox's Urban Abstract, a collection of city life close-ups from cities across the world. You might remember hearing about…

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Wagner Pinto

Posted on October 1, 2008 Under Art

There must be something in the water lately in Sao Paulo, because it seems like it's a particularly blooming time for art galleries here on account of the rash of fine, inspiring art they're showing. Among these contributing to the…

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Vida e Morte

Posted on September 23, 2008 Under Art
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Behance Inspiration: Justin Melnick's "Arm Me"

Posted on August 26, 2008 Under Art

Justin Melnick is an avid photographer, digital artist, and has spent time oversees in the Middle East. All of these influences have come together in his latest project, titled Arm Me, Melnick imagines -- quite vividly -- what Louis Vuitton,…

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Indulgences @ "246 and Counting"

Posted on July 15, 2008 Under Art

When curator Henry Urbach joined the staff of the SFMoMA in the autumn of 2006 he began collecting a wide variety of objects ranging from architectural drawings and models, industrial-design objects, books, posters, photographs, and furniture. All in all he…

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Os Gemeos: Too Far Too Close

Posted on July 3, 2008 Under Art
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