Santogold + Coldplay Tour

Posted on June 19, 2008 Under Music

Sometimes the best thing about catching an arena rock spectacle isn't your favorite headliner, but the chance to see some pretty amazing opening acts before they start selling out arenas. If you've already snatched up tickets to the late summer…

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Au Revoir Simone

Posted on May 23, 2008 Under Music

From an organizational perspective -- even a musically inclined one -- the odds of finding three beautiful girls, all long-locked, well-worded, and in possession of keyboards, seem slim. The odds of them finding each other -- that seems near impossible.…

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Elliot Golden

Posted on May 7, 2008 Under Art

We love a good light show as much as anyone, but Elliot Golden has taken it to a sci-fi level. The fantastic lighting effects in the above image leave us terrified to ask what is dripping from that man's hands.…

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Dan Funderburgh @ Fellow Traveler

Posted on May 5, 2008 Under Art

Whenever one of our Spear Collective artists, like Dan Funderburgh and his off-the-wallpaper designs (we've been sitting on that pun for a while now) is in a show like Fellow Traveler, we have to share. Not doing so would be…

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Ben Hopson's Kinetic Design

Posted on May 5, 2008 Under Design

Ben Hopson has a problem with your CD player. From sliding disc trays to pop-up cases, the Brooklyn-based artist thinks little about the the state of movement in most product design. And he's right. The fact is, when a design…

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Garrett Morin of Rad Mountain

Posted on April 29, 2008 Under Design

If I could use one word to describe the work of Garrett Morin, I'd have to go with an exclamatory, "awesome!" The Brooklyn-based illustrator, graphic designer, and art director has quite the gift for creating playful, witty, and inventive images.…

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