Spreadshirt: The Hunt

Posted on December 4, 2006 Under Life

My ex-girlfriend’s mom and little sister were very into geocaching— almost obsessively so. I have to admit, it never really interested me because I’ve never needed a reason to go exploring in the outdoors. But Spreadshirt, a company that specializes in custom screen printing for t-shirts, has made geocaching a little more interesting with The Hunt. The Hunt is a collaboration between Spreadshirt and some dropspotters/geocachers in which they hid limited edition t-shirts in different spots throughout numerous countries around the world. For example, one’s is up a tree in London, one’s buried in Belgium, and one’s in a grocery store in Canada. When you encounter a cache, you swap out your own t-shirt for the one in the cache, and keep the flow going– an interesting idea for those treasure hunter/fashion design combo types out there.