Los Cojones Del Perro

Posted on December 4, 2006 Under Fashion

We’re having a great day at the JoshSpear.com offices– we received a package from South Africa, covered in 10 Rand postage stamps, with airmail stamps front and back. The contents of the mysterious package were some samples from Mickey and his bitches at Los Cojones Del Perro, a South African clothing label that has some serious balls. The first thing I noticed about these t-shirts was the insane comfort level they offer– beautifully tattered collar lines included. The next thing I saw was the ‘in your face’ messages and graphics on the t’s. You have to see them to believe them– take my word for it, you will feel humored, surprised, and traumatized all at once. I then read the press kit, and learned the no holds barred theory behind the label, as well as the company’s commitment to the unemployment problem in South Africa (specifically involving those who haven’t had the opportunity to receive job training, or have sought refuge in South Africa from other African countries and are faced with a language barrier). After each garment is printed, it is sent to the ladies at Umojo@Afridite (who live in townships in South Africa) for unique customization– they bring the clothes to life with custom bead work and stitching, and earn some much needed cash in the process. Los Cojones Del Perro is available in South Africa, and is looking to break into the U.S. market soon.