Some Ecards

Posted on May 17, 2007 Under Life

I think the fact that I was just incapacitated by laughter for at least twenty minutes over Some Ecards could say a lot about my character…like that I’m a terrible person with no issue indulging in schadenfreude, and/or that I have a completely twisted sense of humor (thanks, Dad.) I was a little relieved though, to learn that my friend Suki, who’s expecting a baby with his girlfriend in the fall, was thoroughly amused by the “you’re going to be a great father, assuming you’re the father” card I sent off without a second thought. With dozens of inappropriately hilarious versions for virtually any imaginable situation, they’re sure to be enoyed by anyone with a decent sense of humor.

And if not, they suck at life and you shouldn’t be friends with them anyways.