OMG we heart the FAB28URR

Posted on May 17, 2007 Under Design

Heather and I just found a new source of idolatry in the FAB28URR, a 50’s style refrigerator by Italian innovators SMEG. Hailed by NYMag as the next SubZero (a claim that, while debatable, we may embrace if only for the FAB28URR’s endearing curves and colors), this fridge comes in a nice variety of shades to complement the most conservative, or the most dramatic (hello, lime green!) kitchens. My refrigerator prowess isn’t quite sufficient enough to compare the FAB28URR to other offerings (in terms of interior size and set-up), but if those other aspects were given even half as much consideration as the exterior design I’d be perfectly appeased. After you play with the color of the FAB28URR and find your soul mate, the SMEG dealer closest to you is here.