Posted on November 15, 2007 Under Fashion

There’s a reason why Swedes make us jealous, and it’s not because the boys are golden gods and the girls are boobalicious ice queens. No, the real reason is that in every young Swede’s kindergarten curriculum, there exists a segment called “How to Dress Yourself So Other People Want to Be You,” during which time their no doubt incredibly good-looking teachers teach their students how to look damn near perfect. We managed to get our hands on a leftover worksheet from one of these kindergarten style classes, and even though it was a word scramble that required a Swedish dictionary and every limited edition crayon color ever made to complete, we did eventually find unearth the secret website hidden in the jumbled alphabet. It was, and as soon as we ditched our crayons for our mouses we realized that this was something we needed to share. Aside from stocking most of the shoe and streetwear brands you know and love, Shelta stocks a bunch of Europe’s/Sweden’s own urban deliciousness, and – huge surprise – it is as awesome, if not awesome-er, than what we have going on inside the US. One more surprise: Shelta just went global, meaning you can bring some of that flaxen sex appeal stateside should inspiration strike. And god we hope it does.