Posted on November 15, 2007 Under Life

Zach Slow had a dream. That dream was to go on a date with UK Rapper Lady Sovereign. After turning that dream into a reality in June of 2006 and following the passing of his father, Mr. Slow has moved onto another dream. This dream isn’t such an odd one, it’s one most people can identify with. He simply wants to get married. However, it’s the manner in which he’s doing it that may not be so normal.

Armed with a website and a novel idea, Zach and his (gay) friend Tanner recently began a quest for wedded bliss. At 2Husbands, potential wifeys post videos to the site pitching why they’re the perfect match for either Zach or Tanner. However, they can’t double dip. They have to pick between one or the other. Once 500,000 votes have been cast, that’s it. Zach and Tanner will marry the ladies with the most votes. While the idea seems vulnerable to a little American Idol type ballot stuffing, the suitorettes themselves aren’t allowed to vote. It’s up to web surfers everywhere to choose whom the two lucky ladies are at the cost of $2 per vote.

If you’re wondering what incentive these women might have to rush down the aisle, I’d say it’s the prospect of finding true love…or money. On second thought it’s probably the $50,000 that each winning bride gets, but maybe just maybe true love will win out over all. A boy can dream.