Saint Augustine Academy: New Flagship!

Posted on June 17, 2008 Under Fashion

It’s easier to dress all of your male friends in Saint Augustine Academy when you have the entire collection in front of you– which is exactly what I would be doing if I were in Sydney, where the accelerating line of edgy men’s apparel has opened it’s first store.

Located in Surry Hill’s, SAA’s new space takes a minimalistic approach to displaying their line of bravely designed and beautifully tailored pieces, staying true to designers Adrian and Alvin’s musically-inclined vision. The mellow palate of this season’s collection, Happy Endings, looks quite at home against the black, white and metal of the flagship – as would I, I imagine, as I slather my man friends in the kind of gear normally reserved for more professional panty-droppers (oopsie, did I say that out loud?).

On my end, it has been exciting to watch this ballsy AU label grow as it has been spotting their work on an increasing number of serious-as-shit rockers, but a flagship store– well, that’s a whole new level of awesomeness. Congrats, boys!