reed pages: Contest! Win! Win!

Posted on June 2, 2009 Under Books

reedpgsabove.jpg reedpgsbackside.jpg

My pal Jeff Staple just announced the launch of reed pages, his magazine venture. I’m always impressed with him and his ability to spread his mission and ideas across all mediums from consulting to apparel, digital, and now back to the basics of awesome print and paper (this looks so good, I’d categorize it as a book). And anytime he launches something new, I think about a good way I can bring it to my own readers.

So, to celebrate the inaugural Issue 1, we’re going to giveaway a year subscription. It’s pretty simple.

This quote appears in the premier issue of Reed Pages. Fill in the blanks below and you win.

“New _____________ is okay but why does it have to be so ugly? The ___________ and ___________ should have to answer to an aesthetic community board that won’t let them build awful ___________.”

Comments will be held for moderation, and we’ll approve and pick the winners Friday! Good luck!