PUMA x Starck Naked Body

Posted on June 26, 2007 Under Fashion

Philippe Starck’s collaboration with PUMA has taken another architecturally seductive turn with Naked Body, a series of streamlined, skin-tight, and selectively see-through men’s and women’s wear. The story behind the collection has something to do with evolution and distraught Super Monkies, so we’re actually not going to get into it, but we are going to talk about a) how much some of this line resembles Milla Jovovich’s Jean Paul Gaultier get-up in The Fifth Element; and b) how we’re really into that, because that shit was SEXY. I can’t decide if I’d think this line will ultimately look chic or whorish, but I’m definitely anxious to find out. I had trouble finding the official release date or any information on availability, so if you know something we don’t, feel free to set us straight. Full-blown sexy, after the jump.