Puhlmann Nixie Clock

Posted on July 11, 2007 Under Design

So in case you hadn’t figured it out, we’re a wee bit obsessed with clocks around here — not because any of us are necessarily punctual or schedule freaks, but because the design aspect behind timepieces today is so intruiging and innovative. Sometimes they are completely impractical for any normal living situation, impossible to read or will require a heavy black AMEX to purchase, but we love them all most of them, regardless. The Puhlmann Nixie Clock, however, is none of these things: an industrial mix of Nixie vacuum tubes and brushed stainless steel tell the time with a total retro-digital feel. This is the type of piece that could, theoretically, inspire the design of an entire room…or inspire you to, you know, be on time for once in your life.

via Technabob