Poolboys at the Mansion

Posted on February 27, 2007 Under Life

This reminds me eerily of the Zach Slow + Lady Sovereign fiasco a little while back, but who am I to get in between three men and their dream. Pool Boys at the Mansion is a recently-surfaced guerrilla campaign by Sam Rush, Denman, and The Swede (gotta love their names) to win jobs as pool boys at the holy grail of pools at the Playboy Mansion. They’re basically looking for people to write them letters of recommendation so that when they go in for an interview in August, they’ll have the support of the masses. They want people to be really creative with their letters, so this could be a fun little writing exercise. I’m willing to do my part to help these lads on their quest to scrub unknown substances off of the walls of the Grotto… are you?