Pangea Organics Holiday Gifts

Posted on December 3, 2008 Under Eco

Despite being one of Mother Nature’s most wondrous creations, human beings seem to spend a lot of time destroying her other gifts with irresponsible actions or products detrimental to the environment. It makes all too much sense that as part of the Earth, the products we use should be both beneficial to ourselves and to it. That’s the genius behind the products by Pangea Organics, our favorite eco-conscious maker of body and skincare items. Not only are their soaps and lotions lacking in harmful chemicals, but their molded fiber packaging comes with seeds embedded, so if you plant them they actually give back to the environment. This holiday season, Pangea has upped their ante as all of their holiday gift sets are lined with seeds for spruce trees. If the company achieves their sales goal 122,000 new spruce trees planted, it will be the environmental equivalent of not driving 30 million miles in one year. So your thoughtful gift of scented soap might actually end up being someone’s Christmas tree one day.