Posted on October 24, 2006 Under Life

 Images Outsidein-1Blogging is the wave of the future–it’s a phenomena that has already sprouted an unprecedented level of world-wide communication–dare I say blogs are making the world smaller? The reader-reach of a blog depends on many factors; there is no easy equation to figure out where our JoshSpear.com readers are located, what they want to read, etc. But people like Steven Johnson are getting creative in the way that they think about blog applications. Today, Steven launched outside.in, a powerful tool for participating in discourse going on in your immediate community. Outside.in operates according to core principles that are centered around the premise that the ‘neighborhood’ is of utmost importance in the world of blogging. When you go to outside.in, you will notice the impressive intelligence of the application when you play around with the map. When you scroll or zoom the map, the always-updated blog content — which comes from a combination of tagged neighborhood data, place blogs, and links contributed by users — changes. Outside.in is a creative and powerful way to transform the wide reach of blogs into a community-focused tool.

Via Boing Boing