Posted on June 4, 2007 Under Fashion

I literally had a “holy crap” moment when I popped over to our friends at NotCot on Friday to see what’s happening in their world, and apparently, there’s a lot: they went ahead and launched NotCouture last week and didn’t bother telling us. Okay, so it’s a softlaunch and there’s still some kinks and stuff to work out but lordy, the site is straight-up hot. It’s like they just knew I needed another reason to whip out my credit card — already are the Lorem Ipsum cuff and this gorgeous pinup-inspired bikini by Agent Provocateur. Sure, you guys are thinking that this is entirely too girly for you but the awesome thing about NotCot and now NotCouture is that the links are user-submitted…so I think that if anyone is hip enough to add some kickass boy-friendly trends over there, it’d be you. So get to it!