3oh!3 Does California

Posted on June 4, 2007 Under Music

Local heroes 3oh!3 are about to hit California with a few dates in San Diego, Anaheim and Echo Park, and if you live within a 3 hour radius of any of those places, GO. I’m not really saying that in a sweetly suggestive way, either; Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte throw down a nastily amazing live show, and if you don’t make it you’ll be smashing your head on hard things once you realize what you missed. The best way to describe 3oh!3 — a band which has been around barely a year, yet manages to have some of the craziest fans I’ve ever seen — is thrashy electronic rock blended into hip hop beats, then shaken vigorously with viciously snarky lyrics and about a hippopotamus-weight’s worth of energy. Maybe even two hippopotamus’s worth of energy. In fact, the last time a brought a new inductee to a 3oh!3 show, she sort of got mad at me for not advising her to wear a sports bra. You can listen to Sean and Nat’s music on their MySpace page, but be sure to turn it up loud and only press play once you’re in a room with padded walls.

Locals: The boys are playing a sold-out show with The Faint at The Fox in Boulder tonight, but as of the hour, a few tickets for tomorrow night are still up for grabs. I’ll see you there.