NoStress: Art and Food

Posted on August 18, 2008 Under Food

Prague is known for having that take-your-time-because-life-is-beautiful vibe which translates into three-hour meals. Finding a restaurant called NoStress was no surprise. Aside from your typical fine dinning menu and atmosphere, there is an art gallery with rotating contemporary exhibitions below the restaurant. Perfect for browsing while sipping wine after ordering your first course. We love the merge of fine food and art — that should be obvious by now — but there was a little side quest to my dinner. I've been in search of an Asian dish (other than Sag Paneer in Indian food) that uses cheese. NoStress specializes in French Asian fusion and it gave me a glimpse of the mythical combination of cheese with my Thai chili pesto risotto. It was a fusion dish, so only half credit, but tasty. NoStress is in the center of Prague near the Jewish Quarter.