NiteCore Smart PD EX10

Posted on August 8, 2008 Under Gadgetry

There are certain things we just expect to work, and never ask if they can better or improved. They are what they are. That was indeed the case for flashlights until about five years ago when a company in Silicon Valley started making solid-state lighting LEDs. Recently, other firms have propped up in Korea and the East Coast. These LED’s are surface mounted, and though they share a name with a product you are familiar with, the similarities end there. They are brighter and more efficient and inspired a whole community or tinkerers, machinists, and electrical engineers to improve the modern flashlight for the first time in a century.

Recently, 4sevens (a member on CPF) and NiteCore Tactical teamed up to create an incredible flashlight — the EX10. A single CR123 (AA version also available) lithium cell powers a Cree LED which provides a whopping 130 lumens of light. To put that in perspective: this 55 gram flashlight puts out more light than a Mag 4D 20 times the weight. Unlike traditional flashlights which work on an all or nothing system, the EX10 allows you to switch between the dimmest and brightest, and 100 levels in between. It comes with an orange peel reflector for a smooth beam without the visible rings associated with optics. Priced under $60, the NiteCore SmartPD EX10 has been a worthy addition to my gearbox.