Grill Charms

Posted on August 8, 2008 Under Food

Some like it hot. Some like it a little raw. Others are attracted to the fatty ones. When firing up that grill on a Sunday afternoon with all your friends, and all their individual preferences are at play, things can get confusing. The heat is on and you’re responsible for grilling a rack full of steaks to five different temperatures. That’s where Grill Charms come in. These clever stainless-steel steak markers come printed with initials (to keep the medium rare ones from just medium) and symbols (so your sirloin steak isn’t confused with someone else’s blazingly spiced one), and look like screws you insert into your steak, burger, pork chop or chicken. With these handy accessories, you’re one step closer to becoming grill champion on the block — or at least running your line as efficiently as a Chili’s.