Miss Sophie’s: Prague

Posted on June 5, 2006 Under Travel

If you’re pining to go to Prague, poor enough to seek a hostel, but old enough to seek some peace, head for Miss Sophies. You’ll find thick-as-cherry-pie duvets, deep-as-an-independent-film pillows and sunflower-wide shower heads. There will be a sense, as you read the history on the walls, that you’re delightfully trapped in one of those vintage postcards they sell at Budapest bookstores. Except with housekeepers and DSL. If you’re looking to get laid or loud, forget it. There is no smoking, no spilling and no free beer. They like to call it an experimental hotel. I like to call it a hostelle. There are dorms, private rooms and apartments, plus a community kitchen, free spy maps and a helpful staff. It’s more like a boutique hotel than a hostel! Czech it out. (sorry, I just had to say that).