Looky Here, it's Mr. Luce

Posted on June 28, 2007 Under Life

It’s officially a happy Thursday, because today is the day we introduce Mike Luce, our new Chicago-based contributor that’s been filling the pages of Spearland with the kind of wit and wisdom one can only attribute to years of sometimes questionable, other times admirable choices.

Mr. Luce, a Kentucky native with an alluring background in English, Political Science, and Shenanigans, is an avid reader with a passion for dive-bars and Puma Sneakers. The spectacular series of events that have contributed to the formation of Mr. Luce as we currently know him include: a brief stint at Kenyon College in Ohio (ahem, Mike likes to party); a wise relocation to Chicago to attend Loyola University; a grown-up job working in client development within Fortune 500 companies; and a recently developing distaste for “The Man,” resulting in his most recent position in educational technology as he explores other “options.” When not exploring the “option” of problogging, Mike enjoys dabbling in art/design, skiing (even though he’s currently laid up with a busted knee), and offsetting existential angst by volunteering for non-profits. We’re incredibly thankful for Mike’s increasing contributions to JoshSpear.com (and are consistently impressed by his ability to pack 3 pages of information into one paragraph — seriously, dude, you’re making us look bad). Welcome to the team, Mike.