Lemar & Dauley x DC Shoes

Posted on February 4, 2009 Under Fashion

I love collaborations. There’s no denying it; when two brands I admire come together, the result is something that is bound to land on my wishlist. Though a far stretch in terms of brand identity contrast, the second in a series of collabs between streetwear brand Lemar & Dauley and skate brand DC have yielded some interesting results. Based on the DC Admiral, the guys at L&D brought a nautical theme to the design, in both a regal and casual sense. Fabrics and materials found on sails were used as inspiration, yet the hi-top silhouettes and contrasting patterns and materials definitely scream beach city. Perhaps, something you’d might see on the boardwalk in Venice or New Jersey. Other interesting touches include a plate engraved with Braille as well as reflective tape. The shoes dropped on February 1st and retail for $150.