Posted on February 4, 2009 Under Life

In the digital age we’ve all become victims of information overload. We’re flooded with so much data via blogs, emails, and attachments that we often forget not only where we got it from, but where we put it. Gist combines all your important information by combing through Outlook, Gmail, LInkedIn and Twitter to create a happy place where your data and relationships integrate in a logical order, making all the elements of your electronic life easier to manage. For instance, if you’ve been emailing with Josh, and he’s been tweeting, and then he appears in a news story, Gist aggregates all of that info and puts it at your fingertips. This is for anyone with a large network of contacts who need to stay up to date on the companies and people important to their business. The application is currently in its private beta stage, but we expect big things on the horizon.